Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pre-farewell (Farewell To Beloved)

Today the weather is very pleasant with 27 degree Celsius in Bangalore. Well might be its not pleasant for many part of the world but place like Bangalore it is very pleasant and wonderful. There is something in air today.  As weather is cold and windy here in Bangalore. 
Group dance by Abishek & Group
The atmosphere is our management block is full it cultural aroma; participation from all the class are fully charge and geared up to perform with their best.  They are fully geared up to perform their arts to impress all in house. The participants are not only from management block but also participated from MCA block. The whole building is fully decorated with balloons of white and blue. The front of the Management block is also decorated with balloons. The program is a part of cultural one but in competition manner.  The participation will be judged by panel of Judges headed by our DEAN and other staffs and teachers.
 Thus, the participants selected here are finally selected to go to perform in final Farewell (The Legend  day in Hotel Royal Orchid. It’s one of the fabulous 5 star hotels in Bangalore. The participants are looking excited and enthusiastic. The sense of happiness clearly seen with their faces. The participants, those who are performing today; finally will get their fruit of prolong harvesting. They are practicing for more than a week continuously more the 9 to 10 hours a day during the college session to take out the best out of them. Their talent in different choreograph, mixed choreograph and superb coordination gives out superb, fabulous and extraordinary performance.

Professors of Management Block Judging the participants

All the preparation is done for 4th of June for final party in Hotel Royal Orchid.
Not only dancing rocked the floor but singing also entertained the audiences. The singing is a mixed blend of different language. Participants sing Bollywood songs and also Malayalam song too. It’s a very nice experience for us all from every nook and corner of India came together in one shade and enjoyed it a lot. It’s due to the continuous effort of students and teacher for their guidance. It’s wonderful heads of to them.

You cannot measure the depth of a lake or river unless you go in the water. So, it’s a privilege to have wonderful teacher to guide us. God bless us and our teachers. 

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