10 Most Beautiful International Country to Travel for 2021

The list of the best off-the-beat track travel destination which will blow you mind. So here it is I have brought to you:  1. Dominica While neighboring Santa Lucia and neighboring Barbados are best known for their luxury hotels and resorts . But, the island is becoming popular among pedestrians and explorers. It is the worst Caribbean island, with dense forests, high waterfalls, milky rivers, smoky volcanoes, and pristine coral reefs . The island strives for a strong, friendly environment, and it seems that the effort is well worth it. Hotels are basic compared to other islands, but prices are more expensive. Hotspot: The boiling lake hidden in the heart of the paradise with a unique and fantastic landscape. 2. Timor Leste (East Timor) Hard to be a dove's nest, this small, quiet nation in South-East Asia finally finds its feet. UN peacekeepers left in 2012 and now Timor Leste's natural beauty, rich culture, and amazing marine life are gaining attention . Think of the archite

A legacy of Portuguese settlement in Bangal | A complete tour guide Bandel Church or Basilica of the Holy Rosary, Hooghly, West Bengal

The name suggested a Bandel, came from the Bengali word Bandar which means "Port" in English. Since it is the port of Hooghly when the Portuguese arrived following my Mughals. Bandel Church (Basilica) and Monastery was the only relic of Portugues Settlement on the banks of the Hooghly river. The present church and monastery are said to be built in 1660 by Gomez de Soto having the keystone of the old church bearing the date 1599 over the eastern gate of the monastery. Center of Attraction is a tall ship mast that was placed in front of the church by the captain of a vessel that had encountered a storm in the Bay of Bengal and saved by the grace of Virgin Marry. There is a statue of "One lady of Happy Voyage" in the middle of the church.  There are three altars, a small organ, and several tombstones. Pope II has declared the Bandel Church as Basilica in 1988. Now it is a functional parish church attached to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Culcutta. The church has be

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories You Should Have For Traveling

Well! Travelling has evolved over time. Back in the day travelling is not a costly affair but it is dedication, patients and also time. Now, travelling has become a hobby and many people love to do it. Now in the 21st Century, people travel in fashion from private Jet to costly gadgets. But I must tell you travelling still can be done as in old days but you also need some gadgets to support a modern way of travelling. With modern technological innovation, you can ease your travelling experience and enjoy it with heart content. Modern technology and innovation have included many gadgets that will make your travel organized. There are the 15 most essential travel accessories that I would like to recommend to you for your best solo travelling experience.  These gadgets & accessories are mostly used by me personally. 1. Portable Luggage Weighing Being budget-conscious myself, I have been travelling very frequently on in-country flights and recently discover the very need for a weighing

A Complete Travel Guide to Mandarmani. You Should Know Before You Plan Your Visit

Are you bored and wanted to get a break from your city life and commotion? Then you should plan your trip here. Mandarmani is one of the second most visited sea beach places in West Bengal after Digha. It is yet to be mapped as a distinguished destination for seafront and beautiful long beaches. Mandarmani is a not-so-crowded sea beach like many in India and has the potential to evolve as one of the favourite destinations of retreat and luxury. Mandarmani couple-friendly luxury hotels and resorts will never disappoint you. This destination can be a quick romancing weekend holiday package for all Bengalis in West Bengal or anyone who would like to visit. Besides lovely beaches, mandarmani also offers a thrilling and adventurous experience to tourists. Relaxing at the beach after a long walk in the morning; gazing the sun rising in the horizon The sea waves kissing the beach and the sound of it mesmerising and relaxing Travel Guide Mandarmani Video on Youtube @TheRoamingAtlas How to Reac

Best Ways to Earn Money from Travel Blogging or Vlogging

 The term Blogging v/s Vlogging is totally different. Before, the digital age Blogging is trend to be passion and making people aware about new updates of place, fashion, travel tips, etc you name it. Vlogging is a medium of blogging where you set up a video channel on any free space like Youtube or your websites and create video and give information in a video format. It can be of any niche like I said it before place, travel fashion etc. Now a days there are hundrends and thousands of blogging or Vlogging channels where you can find your information related to your product you are searching for make sure you type the correct words or sentence.  What are the different ways of earning money from Blogging or Vlogging? 1. Became Affiliate: It is one of the most popular form of earning money by the bloggers. Almost all bloggers earn money by affiliation. Here, they give their customers the related products or services they want from the company and they get a little commission upon sales

How to become Pro in Vlogging?

 People are shifting from Worker to Wanderer. Many people are choosing locations which is cheaper and more adventurous to live in. They are working remotely as a Digital nomad lifestyle. They work remotely with the ease of their mind and time and choose to live a life free of tension. There are hundreds of videos online which give tips to be Pro Vlogger. Find a niche: To begin with, First of all you need to do lots of research to find a niche what are you interested in. Or find a topic where your audience with get some information and will get benefited. You need to choose your topic in such a way that you would able to get some valuation which your audience watches you. Create a channel/Vlog: It is very important where would you showcase your content. Either you need to open a Video channel on Youtube, Facebook, or a website where you can upload videos. Your videos and any other content will help your audience to relate what you want to share with them. Create Content: If you want

How to start Youtube Channel & Tips for gadget for Youtube - Beginners

 Youtube is trending nowadays. You might notice people have trends from Print Media t Digital Media. Now they have moved to videos. Anyone planning to go for a trip, formatting his/her own computer system anything you will find a video about it on Youtube. Many people archive their memories of travel, day-to-day on Youtube for the future; these moments are to cherish. To start a Youtube channel you don't have to own a fancy camera or high-end gadgets. You have to it with you always in your pocket.  1. Mobile Phone:  Everyone in this century have a mobile phone. You have one right now in your hand or pocket. Take it out, clean your camera lens with a soft cloth and start taking videos. Make sure you practice more and more to make your shots perfect. 2. External Mic:  In recording a video or orating for the audience in a video it is very important to have a      clear voice. So, that your audience can hear you loud and clear. Without a clear voice, they will lose interest in your vid