Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jamshedpur Mission

I enjoyed a lot in Jamshedpur Mission organised by Operation Smile to Provide free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgeries to the needy people and the childrens.

“If you don't have a SMILE; I can give one of mine”

Mother Teresa Said,”Peace begins with a Smile”

I enjoyed a lot in Jamshedpur during my stay of more than a week there I experience a lot about many things and I want to share it with you friends about something of Many things I actually emjoyed in the “STEEL CITY”. Jamshedpur is also known as “STEEL CITY” or TATANAGAR”(In HINDI). The city is clean and green. This is the only city in INDIA which does not have any MUNCIPALITY CORPURATION. It is small the rest of the cities in North-Eastern part of India. The people of the city are cultural and very friendly and respective. They treats the Outsider as their GUEST (Aatha thi Devo bhava) Its means “God is the in Guest appearance” in hindi. The city and the people are very nice.

I travelled all the way long from Guwahati to Kolkata by flight in INDIGO. This is my first experience in PLANE TRAVELLING before that I never travelled in a flight. This is also my first experince out of state for the first time. I like and enjoyed it. When the plane take off and the land outside the window of the plane is very narrow and moving round and round. I liked it very much. I care surgical equipments from Guwahati to Jamshedpur. My plane landed in Kolkata at 1:45 PM at Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. I take my laggauge from the Belt 4 and get outside. I have to waait for a little time for the car to come and pick me up. It is a lovely experience, I saw kolkata city Tram train, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Old Bridge construted by the British Architecture at the time of British Empire ruling India. I saw Howrah station which is Established at 1869 and it is true British. I travelled with Dr. SUNIL (Plastic Surgeon) & Ntasha (Dentist). Ntasha speaks a lot and eat a lot too. We enjoyed her company a lot. The car take us to little city tour in the way and saw us many thing wuith out paying a penny to him. I am very thankful to the driver that he is very nice and respectful. We reached the Howrah Station Junction New Complex after an hour and fifteen minutes ride. We take food in the Railway Station Cafeteria. We saw some of the Operation Smile volunteers taking snaps of the station and the people in and out of the station. After completing our photo session outside the Railway Station and near the river Howrah we took our laggauge from the car and proceed towards platform NO.17. We saw all of the international and national volunteers are already present their. I love to see some of the old and known faces of my last mission. I saw Karen Speech Therapist, Richward Gangwich EMR and Laura of course by her proposal I got a wonderful chance to go outside of state to see my country.

We boarded the train at 5:30 pm in the evening and reached Jamshedpur at 11:00PM at night. We go through Kharagpur and it is famous scientifically and chemically because we have telescope there and one fertilizer company. From Howrah to Tatanagar(Jamshedpur). Tatanagar is previously known as Kalimati Railway Station and Jamshedpur is known as Sachi. Both the place was rename by Lord Chelmsford in 2 January 1919. From Kharagpur, it is another 2 hours journey by train ie. Half way. We reached Ginger at 11 pm at night. We had dinner there at Ginger with all the crew member. After that all the member got there room in Ginger only few have to stay in another hotel because of shortage of room for us. We stay at BS PLAZA hotel only 2 minutes walk from Ginger. My room number was 301. I share room with RUPESH KASPALE, a Op. Smile volunteer for Logistic maintenance. He is very good indeed. I sleep at 1 am.


I woke up at early in the morning at around 5:30 am. I am think about the famous saying that “Early To Bed, Early To Raise ; Make A Man Health And Wise.”
Enjoying Holi at Hotel during mission

Went to Tata Museum for sight seeing

Team doing registration in MR desk in the 1st day of Mission
Enjoying my work of PIT with my boss Laura
My room-mate is very nice and friendly. I woke up and brush my teeth and have bath and then he used to go for his. It is a lovely and sci lent morning. Both of us went to have our breakfast in the Hotel Lobby in BS PLAZA. Infornt of our room is the room and Andrew's and Rohan's room. I saw Andrew and two of student volunteers are having their breakfast. Their names are NATHAN and ALEC both are from States. They are High school kids. We had our breakfast and after coming out from the hotel there are three Cars waiting for us to take us to mission site that is TATA MAIN HOSPITAL at Bistupur. It is very big hospital. The parking area is very good and big. It is totally green enviroment. It is full of trees and greenry. We had a group meeting first before starting our work. We introduce our self before the whole team and then we shared our work for what we are for and what we will do in this mission.

The hospital we worked in very good. The area of the Hospital is very very big and wide. It took apprx. 10 mins to walk from one block to another. The name of the hospital is TATA MAIN HOSPITAL. It is established in 1904. The first establishment of the Hospital is done in HUT in 1904 and gradually developed to current states. It consist of 3000 general beds and more then 100 ICU s. The operation theater we worked in is very big and comfortable spacious and very renowned Hospital in the State.

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