Monday, 8 August 2011

Bhutan Trip...........................First day of my job

                           I am glad that I have shifted my Job from the boredom of office work, it doesn't mean that the work that I do previously is a boring one, it is also an interesting one but I want to do something new and adventitious. So, I decided to shift my Job from the office to the filed work of patient recruitment. The work is very wonderful where you can do at least of your own.

                            My first day and first trip is to TAMULPUR, Bakasa district 100 kms(One hundred kilometers) from GUWAHATI. The BPHC(Block Primary Health Centre) is near by the BHUTAN border. Bhutan Border is 13 kms from the BPHC. The bordering village is Khumrikata of Assam and Samdrup Jongkhar is the bordering place of Bhutan. The border has a very beautiful gate of Bhutanese architecture. The painting and sculpture of the gate is mainly of DRAGON, the gate is very beautiful.
We started our journey from Guwahati at around 8 am in Monday morning. We four of them started with driver Ratan. I, Rafi, Himadri and Asis, patient counselor team went for screening at Tamulpur. I didn’t thought that I could get a chance to see Bhutan. We reached there at 10:30am. It is around 2 ½ hour journey from Guwahati. The journey is not so comfortable as the road is not so good. The road is mainly of sand-gravels. But after that also we enjoyed a lot. We screened like 22 patients at the BPHC. After the screening is over we went to Bhutan for lunch because the place is very far from Guwahati. The place where we had our lunch is called SAMDRUP JONGKHAR, the restaurant name is FRIENDS. The DAL that is made there is very delicious there. I brought some Bhutan currency for my friends. I want to buy some Bhutanese items but there is not such items there in any shop..............

                               Its really a wonderful experience to have a job like this helping people of different community with passion and love for the poor people. When they come back and say that they very happy for their kids that they got surgeries for there problem and got fixed now for a new smile. The longest and most passionate word in English because it got MILES in it.

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A smile goes a long way, no matter the language or culture.