Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dhubri Diary

The Journey from Guwahati to Dhubri is really exciting after coming from Jamshedpur on 25 and Joining the Operation Smile C4 is really a great experience for the time being. We did a really a good experience in the 9+6way back to Dhubri. It a centre work to come here and do screening and get schedule the patient for the surgery. All the Team of the centre like Anestasialogist, Speech Therapist, Dentist and Child-Life Specialist are going to Canada for training. Alex and Carolina are going to Sri Lanka and Justin is going back to States to do some grant things. So, before we got some Bihu holidays we are going for some patients grabbing mission in Districts. It is a nice and adventurous journey. We started the journey from guwahati in and around 3 pm on 6th April and we reached 9 pm at night. We travel three district in a same journey. We travelled Kamrup, Goalpara and Dhubri. It is a great experience indeed with friends and colleague.

Dhubri is a very small town situated near the river Brahamaputra which is the mightiest river in the Northeastern State in Assam. It joins three country like China, India and Bangladesh. We reached Dhubri at night and we stay the night in a Lodge namely Prasanti Lodge under Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Assam. We are received by BME (Block Media Expert) and BPHM officer (Block Public Health Management). They are very friendly and good. They arrange everything before we go there. They arrange our Lodging for the night in the Lodge. The lodge is very nice with Good hospitability. They also charge us very less. Next day is the working day. We screened about 65 patients in the Dhubri Trip it is a very helpful work that we did for the centre because it provide a boost of nearly about 7 scheduling patients a day which gives the centre nearly about 4 surgery per day that is 20+ surgeries per week. Dhubri is my first trip for the district patient recruitment program and I really enjoyed a lot and it give me a very good experience also.

Dhubri is not a district but also a very historical and geographical importance place. For like historical it has Famous GURUDUWARA (Temple for Sikh people). It is the largest of its kind in the Northeast India and also has it place in National wise. It is geographically important because the district is consist of nearly 790+ river Islands and it is connected to Bangladesh. It is very near to the country. People can easily go to and fro in and out of the two countries in a day. The man means of transport is the river boat because mostly the people are from the river Islands. People are also very friendly but very less educated. That is the only major cause for what the district is so backward regarding HEALTH, EDUCATION and Development. It doesn’t have a very good hospital to operate people in serious conditions.

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