Monday, 28 July 2014

A Better tomorrow

Knowledge you have and how you acquire it. It is often seem that in Indian academics student are give more attention but teacher also must be give more attention. We always choose what school is offering us but we don't take it in consideration what we should get in return. Many pre-primary and primary school only focused in school to score and score but they actually forget that "A good teacher and trained teacher can make them more then they are".
In ancient education system' Gurukul system of studies teacher highly train in all matters Art, science, technology and medicine. As education in modern world changing and evolving we cannot create all rounder but we can make teacher know his subject and can relate with other subjects. He rather be a story-teller than a teacher. His story should be relate to the subject and very specific to the topic to make more interesting.
A continous teacher train pogram should be there for the teacher in a small group and they should travel and voluntary other schools and places of teaching to develop a better environment to teaching in this modern world of education.

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