Friday, 27 June 2014

Still feels Foreigner in our own country

"A 22-year-old human rights activist was allegedly manhandled by an autorickshaw driver in public after she tried to click a photograph of his licence plate for demanding Rs 150 for a two-km ride."

An article publish on June 27 on "BANGALORE MIRROR" so driven me to right this article in my blog. The article state that an activist allegedly manhandled by autorickshaw driver when she tried to take photo of license plate  to complaint against him to the traffic police for asking over fare but unfortunately she allegedly manhandled and threaten. 
Moreover, police don't take that too serious because they are non-Kanada. It is a shame on our part that this kind of small issues we are not taking care off. 
Today, a girl from North India got harassed tomorrow a girl from Southern part will get harassed in some other part of the country. We teach other then it follows  eventually can't we stop and being like as equal and love and respect as one.

I am writing this article because something happened with me not once but twice with auto-driver of asking more then double price and protesting of not paying that much . It is that much threatening that  it makes me feel like I am a foreigner in my own country.

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Please comment about your feelings or if something happened with you the same.

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