Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mocking face of education system

There is a wide gap between the Indian education system and the technological aspects associated with the education sector or India. There are few private schools following the so called modern education facilities. The modern educational facilities includes:

a. Internet- Which is total not there in government schools, a very few are getting grant or PPP tie-ups to                         establish such class rooms.

b. Digital Class room- Private institutes are incorporating it but the no of growth is very less then it is actually                                   expected.

c. Vocational training- "Zero" in government schools, there are few schools runs by various NGOs or non-m                                    profit organisation are taking up the pain to make children trained on vocational                                            training.

d. Extra Curricular Activities: It is the most important part of any educational institute to have a good                                                          curricular activities helps to build the interest of the children toward education.

e. Educational tours- Educational tours are like picnics in most of the schools to save money and to make                                      extra profits.

If Indian education system has to be developed the it should have to bring modernisation in the minds of policy makers and leaders who make the decisions. The process which we like to so called bristish system of education is very old and job seeking. Albert Einstein says,"Our education system are like judging a fish, how he climbs the tree ".
Even individual are capable of different ideas and different abilities so there are lots of people having different profession that they are master otherwise all will be doing the same jobs.

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