Friday, 28 March 2014

A New Story

Since yesterday, In college we are doing Ditial Marketing and Social meadia marketing certification courses classes. It is really wonderful that a lots of things we learn all together. There are lots of things happening in and aroud that I am totally unaware or I can say a new door of marketing in a very innovative and creative way has just open to me. Spoke person are from various companies head of stretagy and marketing came to enlighten us in Day 1.
If somebody ask me to give a routine then I would like to give a rating of 8 out 10 to those classes.
How Social Media works?
What is SEO?
What are the benefits?
What is mobile marketing?
What is blog?
How to blog?
Today is also a incredible day indeed.
A small story I hear today about blog is really splendid. Here the story goes-
Once there lives a great and vibrant young speaker. He married to a lovely lady and very found of her in very short period of time. Eventually, God has bless them with a lovely boy child to them.
As the time passes the speaker keep wondering and worried about his son. He thinks that who will carry forward his legacy. His concern is because his son is introvert. So, he is very much worried.
After some days fighting within himself he took the matter to her wife. Dear ,"I am very much worried about my son, he is introvert and who will carry forward my legacy of being a good speaker."
His wife smiles at him and says, "Don't worry! Baby, he Blog's"

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