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Diwali- festival of light

09th November 2012:

Its November again the 11 month of the year, November comes with a very beautiful and delightful festival called Depawali. The festival of light and joy, overcome of light upon darkness.
The story behind the festival is from ancient Hindu mythology 'RAMAYANA'. The story of Lord Ram, the son of King Dasaratha of Ayodha and Avatar of God Vishnu, the savior  Its that Dasaratha have three wife’s and Kiakia is the 2nd wife of the King always company him to the battle field. She save his life twice in battle so king promise to give what ever she wants as he owe two life to her. After sometimes God bless the king with four sons. Rama being the eldest of all and heir to the throne. When Rama got married and became old enough to claim his throne, he was send to exile by his father upon the wish and desire to make her son Bharat king of Ayodhya. Rama was send for 14 years of exile, where he killed Evil King Ravana of Lanka now Srilanka for kidnapping Sita (wife of Rama). After completing exile period when Rama return to Ayodhya, the whole kingdom celebrate the auspious occasion of returning their prince back with lighting DIYAS (special lamp light with thread and oil). It also said to be winning of Light over Darkness; good over evil and truth over lie.

A small 4 stanza poem composed by P.Gopichand & P. Nagasuseela :-

Lights and sounds echoed
The beauty and the beast in us
Both give season's law
Rangoli made my girls from my class.

Stars and moon missing
Like leafless trees in autumn
Lamps like leaves strewn here

Lamps are burning bright
In front of huts and buildings
Wave to passing wind

Cold passions in heart
Woke up like seed-sprouts in spring
Artists sense feelings.

We celebrate in most wonderful way all the student of Management block came together to participate various competition organised by our beloved teachers. We have three competitions:-
Diya painted by one of my friend

My classmate participated in FACE PAINTING


Traditional Rangoli design

Diya painted by me :)

Well DIYA painting and RANGOLI competition is one of girls favorite. Rangoli's are basically made by girls only. The whole college is fully decorated with lots of painted diyas and the marble floor inside the corridor shaded fully with different colors  The face painting competition is a awareness based painting like Child Trafficking, Natural resources exploitation etc. It’s a wonderful one with 8 participations in all. Everybody enjoys a lot fully masti (entertainment) and fun. The diyas are painted in various Indian Cultural way and colors painted are bright. The painting of diyas are excellently done by the student. Dipawali, the festival of light is celebrated all around India and the world where there are Hindu Community residing. It is a full day competition all the boys and girls of all the section participated in the competition.

It is a very exciting competition participated by all students; not only students but teacher also had a wonderful time, also sharing their wonderful time in their colleges day. A competition like this actually makes people very closed to each other and also make people to share new ideas and culture among themselves. 

Rangoli decorated by diyas

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